Declaration of peace to all humanity

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Message to unite all humanity

‘Enemy’ = Friend: How?
We ALL feel a lot of emotions, anger, hate against all these companies: Monsanto is poisening our food, The government is radiating the crap out of us, on purpose. Countries sell weapons to groups that kill each other with it. OIL companies are pumping oil out of mother earth, produces gasoline, and pollute the air… YES, for thousands of years families Run and rule mother earth and hurt/harm other people and our nature. There is the pharma industry, selling us drugs and make us believe  this will ‘heal us’. ‘ They have tricked us with old books, written by people who wanted power, and made us forget our ancient wisdom. We have a daily portion of invented, lied news to make us fearfull. I can go on for days, and it will not stop. Why is this for thousands of years like this? ON and on and on. Because in their heart they still ‘ feel seperated’  from ‘ us’. They still feel the need to get more money, more power and they feel more ‘ hate’ towards themselves. The hate will only bring them to a point they want even more of this, to ‘ survive’. ‘ They continue’, because they feel seperated. And we feel angry because ‘ we feel seperated’. The hypnotic messages in media, to manipulate our brains. Some artist think they need to join ‘ forces’, in order to get more control or power. Stop IT! Here. YOU are not seperated. You will not get happy by power and money. You will not get happy by controlling people who are the same souls are you are. We need to remember we are all one big energy. One big soul. One breathing living organism. One vibrant, evolving, enlightening bright light. We were all ONE big light. We ARE one big light. Yes, we are no enemies…. We love each other, from heart to heart. Somewhere, deep in my heart, I love YOU- And each form of energy around me. At this moment. NOW. I send you  love and I have already forgiven you, and I know YOU need to first forgive yourself. Please forgive yourself now, this moment… And act tomorrow, and every day after this, out of love for yourself, and all humanity. Love us, by starting to love yourself.

I have been ‘ raging’, mad, I have been scared… For years a depression, tiredness, a lost of inner strength to ‘ even get up’, to live ‘ a life’. I have wished I would leave this earth, I have wished one day I wake up and there is peace and love all over the place.  You ‘ all’  had these days or even years. Today I asked the cosmos what I should write TODAY, as a message to all readers and to these families and companies, politicians and all people that hurt another animal, being, soul or piece of this planet. This is my message:

I see ‘ those’  people have ‘ lost’  their soul, heart, and HOME. What is home? HOME is the essence INSIDE you that is pure light & love. In this ‘ home’  we are all one. When you die, you return ‘ home’. And the same people who are violent on this planet, are returning to that same ‘ home’ after they die. They forgot ‘ along’  the way, they are our brothers & sisters, ALWAYS. And when they pollute our earth, mislead us, trick us, lie to us, kill us, they actually KILL their brother or sister, but there is more to this: YOU kill yourself… You will incarnate back on this earth, in a new body, and actually come back to the earth you have been ‘ living on’  the last life. Don’t you want to ‘protect mother earth will all her beauty? Don’t you want to make all the people happy? Don’t you want to return to a really warm, family, waiting for you to come back to earth?

The ancient wisdom is: WE ARE all one.

Even the enemies, the people that control the banks and the money. Those are our lost brothers and sisters, who are the ones in so much fear and lost in soul. They do not know how to get home, how to feel home, how to feel Self-love. So let us all pray for all the brothers and sisters, that are so much lost in self-love and home, that they act the way they do, and harm ‘ theirselves’. Let us say, as humanity: ‘We will forgive you, today, if you return home tomorrow… Nothing will change if we point out to ‘ evil’, they will only get more LOST in home. Please, let us see the suffering in these souls… And send them LOVE’.

And say them NOW (and to yourself): ‘ WE see you are in so much pain that you destroy humans, and our living habitat. We understand. And we love you, as we all come from the same home. Please, change your behaviour now, as we want you to join us again, in love. WE are ALL one. You cannot harm anyone else, if you remember again, that we are ONE piece.’

Buying products

Humans buy food and products, as we live in a world of money. KNOW that we will BUY your products, do not be afraid that you get ‘ poor’, or do not sell anything. Think of this: If YOU start to produce super healthy food, If you start to produce cars running on water, if you start to produce radiation free ‘ calling’  techniques. We WANT to buy this! If you start building ecological natural houses, we will want to buy this and love in it! If you make green energy products, we will love them. If you make computers without radiation, and without spying on us (integrated mirco-chips), we WILL buy this. Make products that make people HEALTHY. Produce food with love and vitamins. We will encourage this, massively! We will love anything you make, produce, sell that makes us healthy and our environment. Stop winning oil, but start building free energy products. Build and make things, that will not pollute us or our mother earth. We will keep on buying, if this is ‘ the problem’. Do not be scared to loose anthing, just change you’re behaviour and what you sell into full green, natural foods, energ and products and houses. We want this NOW.

From now on:

  • Everything you say, and do, undertake, is out of love for yourself AND all humanity
  • What you shine is light and love
  • Forgive yourself for all the actions and your past
  • Start with a new chapter, each day again
  • Know that we have always loved you, and we have missed you at home
  • You can change the energy you bring, every second
  • You are healed NOW. You do not need to seek for healing anymore. Heal yourself NOW with this Love.
  • If you lead any company, lead this company towards love for all humanity tomorrow. Do not create hate, fear, or angre with your work. This will only lead yourself further away from your own source. Step into power, and write, speak, act, live, sleep and breath LOVE in all that is around you. And all there was yesterday, and will be tomorrow
  • YOU are the one we have been waiting for, and YOU are the one you were waiting for. You just forgot. Now you REMEMBER
  • We know you have been afraid, you have been ‘ lost’, you have been alone. This was a long way to get to this point: Love
  • You will do anything in your power to let all beings live and grow safe and healthy
  • You will teach love, not hate
  • You will step out of the illusion we are seperated
  • You will maintain rest, peace and guidance
  • You can be a leader in light and love, no matter what your position is
  • You will do everything you can to rescue, save, protect our nature and mother earth
  • You will do everyting you can to spread knowledge, healing and truth
  • You will do everything you can that is according to the universal and cosmic laws of energy
  • You will not harm any brother or sister, because we are ALL ONE
  • You will protect our ancient history, and you will spread the ancient words of truth
  • You will allow all the generations after us, to live in a healthy and clean environment
  • You will love YOURSELF.

This is my declaration of peace

We will forgive you. Please come home.

Your sister, your earth right fighter, your guardian, your child, your mother, your friend


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